Prediction: Cubes will change the map and join together in Season 8

Fortnite players were disappointed when they loaded-up Season 8, only to see that the map hadn’t changed too much.

Sure, there are some new and altered locations, but all of the named POIs remained the same.

One thing we know is that the season will revolove around the Cubes scattered across the map. Only a day in and they’re already making moves.

With the cubes already shifting throughout the map, we can only assume that they’ll leave some changes behind.

In recent seasons, Epic have been making progressive map changes rather than everything at once.

I’m predicting that the cubes will change the map each patch that comes out, and that they’ll eventually combine into one huge cube ahead of Season 9.

Credit: u/BigDean88

The big question is: where will they end up?

I’d guess that they’ll take over the center of the map like last time. Only time will tell…