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Potential new weapon spotted in Viper lore video

Valorant will need to add some new weapons sooner or later - we just have no idea when that's coming.

The agent meta complicates things when it comes to weapons.

Riot need to balance these things together, or else risk an overpowered weapon/agent combination - similar to what we've always had with the Jett Operator must-pick.

Riot Games

In a recent video, Riot may have given us a small teaser about an upcoming new gun. 

In their Viper lore video, all of the weapons currently in the game can be seen in her arsenal.

ValorLeaks, a popular Valorant data miner, was able to spot one weapon that's out of place.

Although ValorLeaks identified it as a shotgun, it could just as easily be some sort of rifle - we won't know until we have a closer look.

If this was an intentional leak, we're probably still a ways off from getting a new weapon in Valorant.

Riot seems content to tweak the agent meta, add new maps, etc before coming out with a new weapon.

Still, we could get a curveball in the next act. The devs said they wouldn't add a new agent, but didn't say anything about a new weapon...