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Post TI-10 blues: Everday I’m shuffling..

Welcome to the post TI-10 blues; a land of dreams crashing and hopes emerging. A place where you will stay up to date with all the latest info regarding the great Dota 2 roster shuffles happening across the globe. Oh and rumours too!

Jaxon Reports

  • Motivate.Trust Gaming to stick together. Read here.
  • Armel and Jaunuel reportedly join Fnatic. Read here.
  • T1 retains its Dota 2 roster. Read Joe Marsh's, CEO of T1, statement here.
  • Febby reportedly joining TNC. Read here.

North America [Confirmed]

  • KBBQ confirms significant changes to Quincy Crew. Read here.
  • MSS confirms his departure from Quincy Crew. Read here.
  • Lelis departs Quincy Crew. Read here.
  • Febby parts ways with Team Undying. Read here.
  • Cr1t- says of Abed, "There's no way we would part ways with him". Watch here.
  • Gunnar and Husky appear to have left the team, currently looking for new team(s). Read here.

South America [Confirmed]

  • SG Esports releases their roster moving into next DPC season. Read here.
  • Thunder Predator fields a new team. Read here.
  • Ex-Thunder Predator roster to stick together. Read here.
  • No-Ping esports parts ways with its roster. Read here.
  • Infinity parts ways with its roster. Read here.
  • Beastcoast to not make any changes. Watch here.

Europe (East and West) [Confirmed]

Southeast Asia [Confirmed]

China [Confirmed]

  • LGD's General Manager Pan Fei shares that their players have unanimously agreed to stick together and fight again for another year. Read here.


  • Elephant Dota 2 to make changes.
  • mienmien and dust may be picked by Chinese big wigs.
  • Neph states that Boom's roster will most likely be skem, Yopaj, Fbz, Tims, and xNova.
  • Neph states that Infinity's roster will include Parker, Pipi, LittleBoy, sl4d1n-, and one very big player.
  • Dan has heard that Yapzor is moving to NA but the rumor is flakey, and Cr1t- is moving to EU.
  • Dan has overheard that BOOM and Seleri are looking to move to SEA.
  • Leon Arthur has heard that some SEA players are getting poached by SG.
  • Neph states that CCNC and Lelis may be joining EG.

You can watch all of the above rumours Five Man Shuffle YouTube podcast here.

  • Misha to take over the captain role in OG. Read here.