Credit: WePlay

SEA Regional Finals post-match winner’s interview: Picking T1.Kuku’s brain

In the post-match winner’s interview, T1’s Kuku shared a few thoughts regarding their series against BOOM in the DPC SEA Regional upper bracket finals.

“I want to face SMG because they defeated Fnatic”, Kuku’s response on being asked which team he would like to face in the grand finals.

Furthermore, in an intense series especially game 3, it was imperative to ask about T1’s in-game communication wherein the match went into the late game.

To which Kuku replied, “We knew that they have an Underlord and a Winter Wyvern so they have a complete chance of making a comeback if we make a mistake. Our communication revolved around the same”.

Game 3 saw unconventional drafts from both sides with T1 opting for Batrider during the last pick phase, much to everyone’s unexpected surprise. Was it a predetermined thought or an opportunity pick?

Kuku’s thought process flowed through, “We just see the opportunity for the Batrider pick. When playing against Winter Wyvern and Underlord, we needed a jumper and thus we grabbed the opportunity by picking Batrider.”