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Popular heroes heading into DPC WEU Regional Finals

The Regional Finals are right around the corner with the first three regions, namely, Southeast Asia (SEA), Western Europe (WEU) and South America (SA) set to duke it out to win a slice of the $100,000 prize pool and 380 DPC points.

Today, we will shift our focus on the most popular heroes heading into the regional finals, especially in WEU.

WEU has its own unique playstyle that can often be described as creative and heavy push oriented playstyle.


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Atropos has become a popular pick in the European competitive scene. He’s the most picked hero and has the highest win rate for a position 5.

Bane’s dark and nightmarish abilities give him the prowess of being a disabler and a ganker as his high starting stats make him a menace to deal with during the early stages.

For support, he has four potent single target spells that can be leveraged during the laning stage by harassing the enemies and at the same time creating space for his allies.

Having the ability to lock down a target through his ultimate, Fiend’s Grip, he renders any hero immobilised unless his channelling gets disrupted, and in turn deals heavy damage.


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The old knitty granny fanning fire has been a constant across all regions.

Heavily magic oriented, Snapfire deals tons of damage; single-target, AoE (area of explosion) as well as slow.

She can also engage or disengage in a fight by feeding her pet dragon, Mortimer, cookies.

Boasting decent early stats, she is an excellent partner during the laning stage and can help her allies gain the upper hand by constant skirmishes.

Queen of Pain

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The fiery queen inflicts pain wherever she goes. A heavy nuke laden maiden, Queen of Pain is extremely lethal throughout the game as she can seamlessly fit into any role.

All her damages are either of “slowing” nature or “damaging” nature except for her Blink that allows her to engage or disengage at her own will.

Her high dps (damage per second) seeps through the very veins of the enemies and allows her to transform into a beast.

Her ultimate is the most lethal one; the sonic wave. She sends a wave of high frequency scream in a particular radius that defies the laws of physics and obliterates anyone coming her way.