Please stop picking Jarvan IV into mobile carries

Hi everyone, it's LS. What's going on gamers, today I'd like to talk to you about Jarvan IV who has been a hotly contested and brutally misused pick at Worlds this year. Loads of people are talking about this pick being a bait pick as we keep seeing it lose games, but realistically in the right games, this champion is incredibly strong.

But that's exactly the point. It has to be the right game. It's not like Xin Zhao or Lee Sin where you can just kind of pick it blind and forget about it, no. J4 is a counter-pick jungler into certain carries. Yes, it's nice to have the Cataclysm/Bullet Time combo with Miss Fortune, but that's pointless if you can't lock down priority targets.

Please, for the love of god, stop picking it into Leblanc or Ezreal. I know it's (somewhat) rare to see that, but there are times when it's picked without mid or bot locked in, and you could just get fisted by an Ezreal or Kaisa pick who can get out of the R.

"No team would be so silly, Jaxon. Everyone knows that"


Take for example, 100T vs EDG. Closer, your best player, is on J4. Already pretty sus, but I'll let it slide. You're playing Jarvan into Kaisa, Leblanc, Graves and Lee Sin.

Who on Earth are you supposed to ult? Literally, what do you think Jarvan is going to do in this game? He can't lock any of them down for the MF ult. 

If you think that one is bad, check the game Elyoya had to play against Team Liquid. Team Liquid quite literally had an Ezreal and a Leblanc. But it's okay, he can just play for Armut's Jax, into Camille, who famously can't scale walls. 

Genius stuff.

Willer had to play it into Talon and Leblanc, which is pretty miserable, but at least it was into an MF who you can bully. Fine, I guess. I can deal with it. But Leblanc is EVERYWHERE, and you cannot do anything to a Leblanc who has hands with this god forsaken champ.

"Yes, it's nice to have the Cataclysm/Bullet Time combo with Miss Fortune, but that's pointless if you can't lock down priority targets."

It's so goddamn obvious that I thought I might be missing something. Perhaps they pick J4 to force the opponent into certain picks, make them opt into Ezreal and Leblanc; but that doesn't make any sense, because these picks do not really hinder the draft. Everyone wants Leblanc anyway, and Ezreal isn't exactly off-meta either.

Maybe the MF match-up into Ezreal is so good that it's worth losing the teamfight lockdown, and somehow picked J4 gives you winning match-ups everywhere else. I doubt it, but that's a possibility.

Don't conflate Jarvan being a dodgy pick with teams splashing him against comps that he is useless against. When the opponent has TF and MF, with possibly a Jayce or a Gangplank, hell yeah lock in the king. Flag and drag those immobile carries, dunk on 'em. Do your thing.

Just don't play him against comps that he can't do anything against. Please. Make your jungler's life easier and they make your lane easier for you.

"And then I said "lock in Jarvan here it's good trust me", how funny is that?"