Please, for the love of God, vote for the Boogie Bomb

Each week, Fortnite players have been voting for one of two items to bring back to the game  - a system that gives us the power to decide what we want to use.

The first time this happened, during the Unvaulting event, players made the unwise decision to bring the Drum Gun back. Fortunately, it's been a deal less destructive in Season 8.

This week, we're choosing between the Boogie Bomb and the Combat Shotgun. This is where I beg the community to see reason and choose the Boogie Bomb.


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First of all, the shotgun meta is already crowded. We have the Charge, Pump, and Lever-Action, which are more than enough choice for everyone.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Combat replace the Lever, but that's not what would happen. We don't need four shotguns in the game.

As annoying as it is to get Boogie Bombed and one-pumped, the Boogie Bomb is one of the most entertaining and unique items in Fortnite. It was one of the first items added and the concept is exactly what sets Fortnite apart from other BRs.

Return of the mech

Epic Games

What's even more important is the news that the BRUTE is definitely coming back to Fortnite in Season 8.

Boogie Bombs are hard-counters to the mech, as they make players exit vehicles when hit. It was one of the only counter Fortnite had the first time around, and I don't think it's a coincidence to see the Boogie Bomb up for a vote ahead of the BRUTE's return.

Do your part. Vote for Boogie Bombs to return to Fortnite.