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Players to look out for at DPC SA 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals

The DPC South America 2021/22 Tour 1: Regional Finals will begin on February 11 and culminate with the winner walking away with $50,000 and 250 DPC points.

Four teams have carved their way to this stage, namely, Tunder Awaken, Infamous, Beastcoast and APU King of Kings.

While every member of the team is as important as the other, we take a look at the players one should look out for heading into the regional finals.

Only two players particularly standout and while you few may disagree, it’s completely okay.


Dota 2

K1 has been one of the rising stars in recent years with everyone — pros, talent, and community, praising his ability to find insane amounts of farm under any given situation.

There have been countless moments when K1 has come to Beastcoast’s rescue with his flailing style and manage to successfully turn around games in his team’s favour.

More often seen as a carry not indulging into any early game teamfights regardless of the situation, K1 focuses on securing ample of farm so as to provide his team with the much needed firepower.

If you still find it difficult to believe, then it’s time to google “K1 Wraith King” videos and you’ll come to know.

Yes, Beastcoast have struggled in the first tour but they still cannot be counted out as they are one of the most dominant teams in recent years to emerge from South America.


Thunder Awaken

The Peruvian player has been on the rise in recent years considering the fact that he started his professional career only in 2019.

The mid laner for Thunder Awaken (formerly known as Thunder Predator) has impressed many with his meteoric performances especially averaging the highest kills per game (9.83) during Season 2 of the 2021 DPC SA Upper Division.

2022 DPC SA Division I Tour 1 saw him replicate similar success in terms of performance and rightfully so, Thunder Awaken sits right on the top of the table.

Seeded #1 in Tour 1, Darkmago is an important contributor towards Thunder Awaken’s success and has been a splendid treat to the eyes, especially his plays on Kunkka and Ember Spirit.

Must watch!