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Nostalgia overload

Player tries to install an old physical LoL copy, this is what it looked like

A throwback to the good old days happened for a player who tried to install his old physical LoL copy from way back in the day. 

Very few people remember this, but League of Legends was once available as a physical copy. You even got two skins with the copy, extremely rare ones at that. The game has changed tremendously since then, so screenshots from the old installer gave many Redditors a trip down memory lane when the player shared his experience. 

The installation process included lots of old-schools champion graphics and more. While the client didn’t work, it did go through the installation and allowed the player to dive into files for some fun discoveries. 

Simpler times: When a physical LoL copy was a thing

Having a physical LoL copy is special, but trying to bring it back to life is something else. 

As the player tried to install the old client, he went through old steps with old graphics. On the first screen of the installation, he was greeted by the old Tryndamere waving his sword with an evil glow in his eyes. 

Followed up by the old terms and license agreement that no one ever reads, but maybe this exact one would be fun to look at. If not, then you can enjoy the good old Tristana artwork. 

The InstallShield Wizard... in this shape. What a throwback.
Screenshot via: /u/youarecutexd

The nostalgia overload continued after these tabs, as the player went through five additional steps before the download crashed. The steps showcased the old Warwick, Kayle, Kassadin, and Teemo; all have earned at least one visual update since then. 

Against all odds, he got to the old client screen, which shows Nunu, Cho’Gath, and Master Yi in all their glory. The client was a bit simpler, but it still showed Server Status, News, and a Community tab. And that’s where the ever-reliable spaghetti code worked as intended, by not working.

People might complain about how the client works today, but always remember where this game started. League of Legends has come a long way since then, and a post like this showcases how much has changed. 

Screenshot via: /u/youarecutexd

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Jaxon's Take

The nostalgia hits just right in this one, but I'm not sure I would want to go back to that many bugs and unbalanced champions!


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