Credit: Valve

Potentially game-breaking

Player spawns outside of map during Major qualifier

In a match in the Open Qualifier for the IEM Rio Major, a player suffered a bug, causing him to spawn outside of the playable area.

The incident happened in the game between Budapest Five and Eternal Sucuk on Nuke. Chewan, playing for Eternal Sucuk, spawned outside of the Terrorist spawn in an area not accessible during regular play.

As he was outside of spawn, he was unable to buy and ran around confused. After a short while, he was killed by Keen, who posted a clip on Twitter of his reaction.

While in this instance, the bug played out relatively harmless, it could have been a round winning bug.

While Chewan was not able to buy weapons himself, his teammates could have thrown him a rifle, giving him an unexpected and overpowered position to take outside control.

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