Credit: FunPlus Phoenix

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Phoenix Rising: FPX wins Valorant Masters Copenhagen

  • Masters Copenhagen is now complete. FunPlus Phoenix are your winners!
  • FPX beat PRX 3-2 and is now Valorant’s fifth different international event winner.
  • Suygetsu took home MVP honors.

Valorant Masters Copenhagen is over, and FunPlus Phoenix came out on top. In a Grand Final that went all five maps, FPX took the win from Paper Rex.

Over the course of 5 hours, EMEA’s second seed took on the first seeded APAC team in front of a live crowd. That’s a whole lot of history in one sentence.

Check out the map scores below, and for a more in-depth look, check out our full recap.

  • Bind: FPX 13-3 PRX
  • Icebox: PRX 13-7 FPX
  • Fracture: FPX 13-7 PRX
  • Haven: PRX 13-7 FPX
  • Breeze: FPX 13-9 PRX

It’s crazy to think about the journey both teams experienced to get to the Grand Finals.

For Paper Rex, they’ve always been that team that could do it. It’s always been a matter of their play style holding them back.

“W-Keying” can only get you so far. Not to mention, the entire roster was ravaged by COVID.

However, Paper Rex showed up to play as they breezed through the playoffs with ease.

Conversely, up to Masters Copenhagen, FPX faced visa issues.

The team managed to show up however with a sub as Suygetsu couldn’t secure his visa in time.

Enter Shao.

Shao put himself in the conversation of the most clutch player in the scene.

His clutch performances carried the team until piece by piece the roster started to pick up their performances.

Once Suygetsu arrived, FPX managed to complete a lower bracket run for the ages.

How fitting is it that Suygetsu almost couldn’t make it and he closes out the event?

Congratulations FPX! Drinks are on Ardiis.