Pgod, PaMstou & Marquise Brown win Streamer Bowl 3

The Streamer Bowl continues to be the most entertaining Fortnite tournament of the year in its third installment.

For the first time, Clix and Tarik Cohen didn't win the invent. This one went to Pgod, PaMstuo, and Hollywood Brown - with Jetty and team right on their heels.

Jetty, Joji, and Jaquan Hardy looked like they'd win it all going into the last match, but Los Capos clutched up with a huge win in the final moments.

Let's get back to Clix, who was the favorite coming into the toughest Streamer Bowl yet.

Clix and Tarik Cohen already had two wins under their belt, and they added Muzz to the team - former OCE FNCS champion who moved to NAE and won another FNCS there.

Sixth place isn't bad, but they were outplaced by Mike Evans, Kruyorr, and Fortnite veteran, NICKMERCS.

After a lackluster start, Nick and his team landed Tilted in the final two matches.

The final match in the tournament saw Nick return to form in Tilted Towers.

The MFAM W-keyed almost everyone, secured Tilted, and went on to squad-wipe Clix in what's become the best clip of the entire event.

Nick ended up being the story of the Streamer Bowl. 

You know how Doc talks about being on the main stage in front of the bright lights? That's what we saw, tonight.

Nickmercs is a gamer. It doesn't matter if he hasn't played in two years. Give him a controller, and SMG, and tape his thumbstick down.

The Streamer Bowl was fun, as always. Hopefully, Epic will do something like this for a real Fortnite tournament for the first time in a long time.