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Talents speak

PGL Arlington Major: Hear what the Talents have to say

PGL Arlington Major 2022 begins in less than 36 hours as 17 teams around the world get ready to display their mettle in the last Dota 2 Major before The International 2022 (TI11).

Not only are the fans ready to live vicariously through the rollercoaster emotions of teams, but the on-air talent is ready to bring the heat and hype to the games.

Jaxon reached out to the casters working at the PGL Arlington Major 2022 to know their thoughts about the event.


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I’ve been doing a fair bit of prep and research for the teams, especially with this being the first time we see China at an international DPC event this year, so I’m excited to see how they shape up but with the number of stand-ins and roster changes it’s definitely going to be a showcase of which team can adapt the fastest. It’ll be an entertaining and unexpected major for sure!


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What I’m most looking forward to is the crowd! The last event in the US was supposed to be the LA major back in 2020 and that had to be cut off as it coincided with the start of covid lockdowns so it feels good for NA to finally get the event it was supposed to after a couple of years.


PGL Arlington Major 2022
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I think it is going to be interesting how this major plays out. Unfortunately there are a lot of standins and even more disappointment in the fact that Xtreme Gaming will not even be participating. I’m really hoping with Ana somehow RNG find a way to make it to TI11 but I also don’t think these teams with standins are going to perform particularly well either. Coming from casting the Riyadh Masters I am hoping these games are going to be just as good and I can cast just as good if not even better to another degree up.



The major before TI will always be super hype, considering so many teams are still trying to qualify for TI. There’s an air of mystery this time around as well, considering various teams are using last-minute stand-ins. Naturally, the teams with their full stack should have a huge advantage, though I think we’ll see some surprises. On top of that, you’ve got newer orgs coming into the major like Talon. All these unique factors are gonna make for some hype-ass games, as well as provide some exciting upsets I’m sure. I love a good underdog story, so any of the dark horses performing well would make me happy. Naturally casting another major this year is going to be hype for me regardless, so whatever happens, just give us some good Dota!

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