After a massive 12.14 patch last week, a new Public Beta Environment (PBE) cycle is upon us. Patch 12.15 won’t be as impactful and will feature changes to outliers from the previous patch and minor system changes.

Riot Games’ lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison revealed upcoming 12.15 PBE changes on his Twitter. 

Although exact changes are yet to be revealed and tested, we don’t expect anything crazy for 12.15. 

Two weeks ago, Phroxzon communicated that 12.14 would be “the last set of major changes before Worlds,” and their main goal in the following patches will be stabilizing the meta.

Energy Champions will feel better on 12.15

The highlight of the 12.15 patch is energy adjustments to Zed, Lee Sin, Akali, Kennen, and Shen.

Phroxzon explained the changes: “These are mainly champions whose energy costs haven’t kept up with the game post durability.” 

He also said the balance team is happy with Kennen’s energy costs but will give him a different buff. Kennen is currently sitting just below 49% win rate in SoloQ, and a little buff could push him over 50%.

Patch 12.15 Kennen
Source: Riot Games

Other notable changes on 12.15 are buffs to Leona and Thresh. 

Enchanters have been on the rise since the durability update, so Riot is looking to bring back some power to engage options and encourage more playmaking.

Quicksilver Sash upgrades Mercurial Scimitar and Silvermere Dawn are also getting some love. 

Players usually don’t bother upgrading the QSS before the full build, so Riot is trying to make it a viable option for an instant power spike.

Source: Riot Games

The usual suspects on the nerf list

Although we are finally looking at a patch without Zeri in it, there are a lot of familiar faces on Riot’s nerf list for 12.15. 

Sivir’s mini rework skyrocketed her performance in both SoloQ and pro play. 

Although she received nerfs on the previous patch, they didn’t really accomplish much.

Qiyana and Master Yi are smacking people left and right in SoloQ, both having around 53% win rate, so Riot is looking to bring their power levels down a notch. 

Speaking of much needed nerfs, Taliyah is finally getting some. She is completely dominating pro play with a 94% presence and 63% win rate across four major regions on 12.13. 

Although not as broken, Gwen and Kalista are also receiving nerfs, as they have been extremely powerful meta picks for a while.

Besides Champions, Riot is looking to nerf Divine Sunderer and First Strike Keystone rune. Both are being a bit overused, even on Champions that usually prefer other options.

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