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Heroes never die

Overwatch 2: easiest heroes to play in each role

Overwatch 2 is a lot of fun, but there are so many heroes to play. Finding the right one for you can take a while.

In the meantime, let us help you set foot into the game. We will go through the easiest hero to play in each role so you can start your Overwatch 2 journey.

Overwatch 2: easiest heroes


You can still do a lot of things wrong with Mercy, but she is one of Overwatch 2 easiest heroes to play in the support role. You have one job, keep your allies alive. Overwatch 2 easiest heroes

Your primary function is to stick with your tank, ensuring he survives skirmishes. You can start playing with the damage amplifier to get a feeling for it. When you see your Reinhardt swinging his axe and he has full health, that is the time.

The next step is to make sure that everyone else is healthy. With Mercy, you have incredibly high mobility. We recommend a high mouse sensitivity, especially because you rarely pull your gun out so having good accuracy doesn’t matter.

Overwatch 2 easiest heroes: Mercy
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A high sensitivity will help you look around. Finding your teammates in a hectic team fight is essential to your gameplay. For that, you have to be able to turn around quickly and fly toward them to heal them up.

Your best friends when playing Mercy are Pharah and Echo as they will let you take to the skies, making you an elusive target. But be careful, because hit-skin heroes like Cassidy, Soldier, and Widowmaker are a threat to you. You want to stay mobile at all times, not stand around or fly in the same spot. Use your flying efficiently and often to escape bullets.

Mercy can be an incredible asset to your team. Keeping them alive is just as important as getting kills. You are facilitating your teams’ success through longer survival times, and therefore higher damage, therefore a high chance to win. Support is a fun role in Overwatch 2 and you can master it.

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Overwatch 2 easiest heroes: Mercy
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Soldier 76

Soldier: 76 is one of Overwatch 2 easiest heroes to play by a landslide. Many of the abilities in his kit are beginner friendly – especially if you are used to playing FPS games. You have a quick-shooting, recoil-friendly gun, a rocket that can deal massive amounts of damage, and healing that helps you sustain yourself without needing support by your side. And if everything goes wrong, you turn on the aimbot with your ultimate.

You want to be on high ground or behind your tanks, shooting relentlessly into the enemy. Make use of the infinite ammunition in Overwatch 2.

Suppressing fire can be very useful for moving into chokepoints. If you already feel comfortable with him and have played a bit, you can try playing a flanking style of Soldier – hunting down the squishy supports can frustrate the enemies. They must answer by sending one of their damage dealers after you or forcing them to stand together.

You excel against stationary targets like Tanks or flying targets. Your team will struggle if you don’t keep Pharah or Echo in check. Using your ultimate to hunt down high-priority targets like supports and damage dealers is key to a clean Soldier 76 gameplay.

Overwatch 2 easiest heroes: Soldier 76
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D.VA has it all: mobility, damage, looks, and a nuke. Her kit works for both solo and team-support gameplay. She can deny damage for a long time, even eating enemy ultimates that are thrown as projectiles, such as Zarya, Tracer, and Reaper.

You want to be in the middle of every fight. With your Defense Matrix, your team has an advantage of damage output. But be sure not to use all of it at once, as it leaves you vulnerable to damage synchronization, destroying your mech suit in seconds.

Worst case scenario, you fly away – but communicate this with your team. Otherwise, you leave them without any cover and they will get overrun.

Overwatch 2 easiest heroes: D.VA
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Your flying has the additional benefit of being able to harass enemy DPS. D.VA can be Widowmaker’s worst nightmare, running her down, absorbing all her damage, and killing her. Her mobility is key within Overwatch 2, being able to reposition and avoid dangerous fights, making her one of the best and one of Overwatch 2 easiest heroes.

If you know that your Mecha suit is about to be destroyed, try to fall back. D.VA can charge it back quickly, but while in “Baby D.VA” form, you are vulnerable to everything. This also goes for your ultimate.

In lower ranks, it can be incredibly powerful and the short time you are out of it will often not be punished. But the higher you rank, the likelier it is for someone to hunt you down while you are vulnerable.

Overall, D.VA will be a great starting point for your tank journey in Overwatch 2. For a complete list of the easiest to hardest tanks, click here.

Overwatch 2 easiest heroes: D.VA
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