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Overreactions from Day One of the Legends stage

I don’t do half measures. You’re either the king of the hill, or a dirty rascal.

Astralis ARE actually doomed

Ruh roh scoob.

Yeah yeah, they beat FURIA with a teenager playing etc. I hear you. Beating FURIA, though, doesn’t pay the bills. It’s the big boy games where you make it work.

And in the game against the biggest boy, they faltered. Oh boy did they falter. 

Maybe if they spent less time brooding and more time practicing, they might have had a chance. NiP obliterated Astralis 16-1 (!) on Inferno, and moved into the 2-0, while device’s old friends were moved down to the 1-1.

Don’t worry though, they have a nice easy game in the next round – it’s only Heroic.

s1mple will not be denied this time around

NaVi picked up two wins from two by dishing out punishment to Heroic and kicking VP out of the server faster than you can say ‘SANJI would have won that clutch’.

s1mple is the second highest rated player at the event so far (behind rain, bizarrely) and he’s in the form we all wanted to see him in. He will not be denied his Major trophy, and if you stand between him and that trophy, you WILL be deleted.

I mean, probably. 

No, we weren’t overreacting on EG

Literally nobody thought EG would do anything at this event – which set them up for a wonderful redemption story, beating all the odds to qualify for the next stage!

They won’t be doing that any time soon. They picked up eight rounds in two maps, including just two against Copenhagen Flames. Getting to the Major has done nothing but delay this team splitting up and rebuilding.

There’s no hope, there’s no gameplay, there’s nothing. This team is a walking corpse and will deservedly get spanked by… wait, is that VITALITY?

“You are a good IGL. You are a good IGL. No matter what your teammates think, you are a good IGL.”


Turns out, after all this time, ZywOo is just an onliner.

Okay, that’s a stretch; but his performance, and Vitality’s, has been pretty subpar so far. and Heroic are not simple games to navigate by any means, but you’d expect more from France’s last remaining bastion of hope.

ZywOo himself has a negative rating and a negative K/D after two games, which when you see s1mple putting up numbers, looks pretty horrendous. ZywOo needs to dislodge whatever is stuck in his throat – though Evil Geniuses tend to go down pretty smoothly. That should help get some confidence back into the superstar.

Entropiq are this year’s surprise package

I mean, it’s not THAT surprising, but it’s more surprising to see them 2-0 than NiP, for example.

Krad is bringing that DreamEaters spirit back and is COOKING so far this Major, with El1an and Lack1 not far behind. They dumped Liquid into the 0-1 bracket and Gambit into the 1-1.

Think about that for a second. They played Liquid and Gambit and they’re 2-0. This team is going places, and have been on the right track for a while; what a time for it to all come together.

Their easiest game so far will be the 2-0 game, weirdly; they play a G2 team who have looked revitalised on LAN, but are still G2 after all.

“…if you stand between him and that trophy, you WILL be deleted.”

MOUZ are almost certainly out 0-3

I mean, Jesus Christ lads.

How do you take a team with ropz and frozen and be 0-2? They lost to FURIA and NiP back-to-back and now have an extremely tough game against ENCE to contend with. ENCE have struggled so far with Gambit and Liquid – very understandably – but have been consistently far more solid than MOUZ in the last few months.

They need a miracle now. ropz is GOOD, but he’s not GOD. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.