Overreactions from Day 3 – PGL Major Stockholm

We’re now three days into the Major and I’m running out of heat for these hot takes.

Only joking. I’ve got fire for days.

MOUZ are terrible

Alright, they did get through Renegades, but it was nowhere near convincing and it required a monumental effort on ropz’ part to even get close. The Estonian must be getting pretty tired of this sh*t, as he once more dragged his limp team kicking and screaming into a deciding game.

But that’s just not enough. 

frozen was quieter than usual, which isn’t great, but the fact that you have ropz and you’re even in a deciding game should be worrying. This guy is a potential top 5 player and he’s languishing down here playing with some absolute bums. 

He’ll be off quicker than you can say ‘actually acoR has really good movement’ if you don’t sharpen up.

Just going to leave this here, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Spirit are huge chokers

We haven’t even got to the crowd, the full Major, the LAN part yet lads.

A 14-7 lead that you lose in a game for the Major is a bad sign, but losing it by rushing B for about 10 rounds in a row makes it even worse. Barely any of those rounds were close, and the one they won was an excellent clutch from IGL chopper.

VP didn’t even have to do anything – Spirit just flung themselves at VP and asked them to kill them. This is a really, really worrying sign for the team with a deciding game against Astralis coming up tomorrow.

Just… don’t choke?

Mood tbh.

Movistar might just beat Heroic tomorrow

Either Entropiq are amazing, or there’s something in the air. Astralis and Heroic are both on the brink of elimination thanks to the Russians, and Heroic now have a do or die job against Movistar. 

Easy enough, right?

Well, not really. Movistar are quietly solid and don’t make too many errors; while Heroic’s whole strat book is available online. B-Because you can watch their demos and figure it out, obviously. Movistar took down TYLOO in unconvincing fashion, but they’re a team who rise to their opponents and are composed in close games, making them a nasty team to face in such an important game.

Heroic are looking very, very beatable.

2-0 after beating @mousesports 16-11 on nuke. DREAM START TO THIS MAJOR #PGLMajor


Astralis aren’t doomed, or back to their best

Wow, nice lukewarm take there Jaxon.

Well, yeah. It’s hard to feel enthused about Astralis. They required a huge comeback including a massive 1v3 from Lucky to take Ancient against paiN, with saffee having the run of the map against them. Great AWPers will have fun against this team.

But they aren’t completely doomed, either. They’ve won both series’ they’ve played and showed some of that heart of the champion that took them so far in the first place, and they’re playing some more notorious chokers in a decider.

Still, I’m not exactly thinking they’re anywhere near winning the Major, so it’s not looking all that great. Pretty boring, really.