You know the drill. No reason, all hype.

Copenhagen Flames are one of the best in the world

If CPH Flames smashing Astralis wasn’t enough for you, and the win over BIG was too unconvincing, perhaps a BO3 win over Heroic might.

I mentioned yesterday how astounding roeJ had been – and he has – but that somewhat belies how excellent the rest of the team has been. Denmark had been struggling to maintain its spot at the top, but they pulled a rabbit out of the hat with these guys.

Heroic have dominated very, very good teams and rarely if ever lose to teams who are underdogs – so I guess CPH Flames aren’t underdogs any more.

Astralis are back!


Yesterday was just a bad day. Today we saw the real Astralis, and they’re back to something respectable, if not a genuinely dangerous team again. A swift 2-0 put GODSENT to the sword and sent them home, and it was far more like watching Astralis again. 

Everyone went positive, people were smiling, Magisk was dominating. Everything is rosy again.

They might not win the Major outright, but they’re not going to completely soil the sheets. 

Brazilian CS is REALLY doomed

GODSENT go home without winning a map, and Sharks go home only winning a map against another Brazilian team. It’s… not looking good for Brazil.

GODSENT had a tough run, but they have been massively disappointing; while paiN vs Sharks was a pretty low quality game that had quite a few members of the community a little bit sad about having to watch it.

paiN have shown they at least have *something* about them, with saffee bringing some life back, but it’s a bit bleak.

Renegades might be favourites against MOUZ

mousesports SUCK.

A comfortable win for ENCE knocked MOUZ down to 1-2, with their one win coming over a pretty horrible Sharks team. ropz is still playing well, which if anything is more worrying for MOUZ because they still look terrible. They’re playing against a Renegades team who haven’t been fantastic so far, but don’t really look any worse than MOUZ.

And with dexter on the other team, it’s personal. Renegades are a team coming in with confidence, and MOUZ look fragile.

Like mice, really.