Overreactions from Day 1 – PGL Major Stockholm

If you want measured analysis of the day of chaos we all just observed, then click a different story. This is hot take city and we’re out on the town, baby.

Astralis are doomed

Losing two best of ones? Ah, it happens. Everyone does it. 

Losing them 16-6 to Entropiq and Copenhagen Flames? Maybe not.

Getting smashed by a guy who you let go from your academy while your new AWPer you spent money on looks worse? Go next, honestly. Astralis look like a dead team going through the motions, which is unsurprising given that’s exactly what they are.

I really hope they go 0-3 just to really underline how bad things have got for them.

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FaZe are making playoffs for certain

When Twistzz is fragging, FaZe look good. When broky is fragging, they’re dangerous.

When karrigan is fragging too, FaZe are contenders. FaZe beat a strong ENCE team thanks to the Dane and popped Spirit with karrigan at the top once more. I predicted previously that FaZe were a genuine dark horse and the first day only cemented that idea in my head.

They’re going to the semis.

Brazilian CS is dead

This one hurts a bit. Between the three Brazilian teams, they picked up zero maps. Zero.

That’s… not good. GODSENT lost to Spirit and ENCE, and they’re realistically Brazil’s best shout at making it out. Sharks will almost certainly go 0-3, while paiN were pretty unfortunate to lose two games in 30 rounds.

But this is the Major. Luck isn’t an excuse any more. One of these teams has to win three in a row for Brazil to have a chance, and that won’t happen if today is anything to go by. The whole region has been ‘NA’d’.

“This is a quote element”


TYLOO have learnt how to play

Alright, they’re 1-1 with their win coming over Sharks; but they pushed Heroic into a corner and forced the favourites to sweat, and it was tighter and more refined than we’re used to seeing. That’s a cool sign, as TYLOO have always been talented mechanically but a little lacking in the strategy department.

They’ve been watching some demos or something, which is why they’ve barely been playing the game for the last few weeks. They’re now one of the scariest teams in the 1-1 pool, because you have no idea what you’re coming up against. 

You can prep for mousesports. You can’t prep for DANK1NG.

roeJ is at least the best Danish player and YEKINDAR is BACK

Copenhagen Flames are 2-0 and roeJ has an absurd 1.66 rating after day one. They’ve played Astralis and BIG, dude. These are not bad teams, or anything even close to it. Well, maybe Astralis.

He’s gone from looking like a solid bit part player with flashes of brilliance in a tier two team to a superstar at the Major with almost no foreshadowing. He’s destroying solid teams and dragging Copenhagen Flames kicking and screaming to the top level. This guy is THE stand-out player of day one, and looks like one of the best players in the world at this moment in time.

YEKINDAR, on the other hand, is a player who we already knew had top 10 potential but had gone off the rails a little bit as of recent; but he’s back in a big way so far. He’s the third highest rated player at the event and ensured a shaky VP wouldn’t get upset in either of their games. Maybe this is some copium speaking, because I WANT to believe YEKINDAR can get back to his peak, but I’m choosing to believe he’s back in a big way.