Credit: Astralis

Overkill spotted: Misfits Gaming sign solo queue legend MagiFelix as substitute in LEC & LFL

Things are going well for Misfits Gaming: they are playoff-bound in the LEC and in the LFL, and they look good in both leagues. But it didn’t stop Misfits from ensuring that they will stay that way.

Enter Carl Felix “MagiFelix” Boström, the first person to reach Challenger on all positions—for a long time, the only one, until 6’5” Tyler1 joined him.

Has Misfits gone overkill? Yes.

Why? They have a substitute that can play all positions in both the LEC and the LFL.

Why does it matter? Imagine if Misfits Gaming qualify for the 2022 World Championship. Of course, they would take a player that could help in all spots in case anyone on the team is sick. Tyler1’s medals cannot compare to that.

Besides, the in-game knowledge they stand to gain from having another player’s perspective—one that plays all roles—makes all the difference.