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Our picks for the easiest MOBA to play in 2024

Learning a new MOBA can be frustrating, but we’ve put together the easiest options for someone looking to enter the genre.

League of Legends and Dota 2 can be fun, but the sheer length of the learning process can be a dealbreaker. It’s common to think every MOBA takes hundreds of hours to learn. However, plenty of developers have realized the issue with having hundreds of spells spread over 100 heroes. Many studios have simplified the genre to help everyone enjoy it.

If you want to get into MOBAs in 2024, these are the three easiest options to buckle down and learn.

Pokemon Unite is the perfect choice for beginners

Nintendo fans with an interest in MOBAs need to download Pokemon Unite. The game breaks the genre down to its base components and builds them back up for newbies. It’s probably the single most approachable MOBA thanks to its simple mechanics. The friendly cast of iconic Pokemon certainly doesn’t hurt. Fast matches and simple mechanics arguably make Pokemon Unite the easiest game in the whole MOBA genre.

Pokemon Unite easiest MOBA

In Pokemon Unite, teams of five select characters and load into the match. Players earn points from killing enemies and securing objectives, which they deposit into an enemy goal. The learning process is quick thanks to a 10-minute time limit. Characters have an ultimate and two upgradable abilities, but there are no items or talents and only a few extra objectives. 

Smite 2 will be the easiest MOBA to learn in 2024

Smite was one of the easiest MOBAs to play when it launched in 2014, but a decade of updates has made it much less accessible. Hi-Rez Studios has decided to clean the slate with a sequel that keeps the game’s strong suits. A third-person camera and familiar myths make Smite 2 one of the easiest options for non-MOBA players. As a bonus, Smite 2 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC with crossplay.

Smite 2 combat

The catch is that Smite 2 technically isn’t out yet. The game is currently in early testing, though anyone can sign up for the weekend events. Developer Hi-Rez also sells guaranteed access via multiple Founder’s Editions, so you can get a head start on other players for a price. Smite 2 will officially launch for free in January 2025.

Is Mobile Legends the best Bang Bang for your buck?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t a household name in Europe and North America, but it should be. The mobile MOBA is one of the most popular games in the world. It boasts over 70 million unique players a month. It doesn’t simplify the genre too much either, with 125 heroes at four abilities each.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang combat

MLBB still has some complexity, but it’s at the apex of the easiest and most popular MOBA in 2024. It’s frustrating to play Dota 2 or League for the first time and match against veterans. By contrast, Mobile Legends has plenty of brand-new players who have never touched a MOBA. When you log into your first match, you’ll likely meet fellow noobs of an appropriate skill level. The game is also free to play, so there’s no opportunity cost to try it out.

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