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Do you want to stream like your favorite content creators? Fear not! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to optimize your PC to help you stream.

We will also include tips for your launch options in CSGO, so you can get the footage onto OBS to begin with. Remember, though there can be many fixes, outdated hardware can only do so much.

We want to help you showcase the hidden entertainer within you and broadcast it to the world.

Launch Options for CSGO

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The first noteworthy point and alpha-omega for the gameplay showing up in your OBS or SLOBS is using the launch option custom command -allow_third_party_software. Without this option enabled*, CSGO will not allow OBS to capture the gameplay nor allow you to play on 3rd party sites like Faceit or Esportal.

*When enabling this launch option, your matchmaking trust factor will plummet.

Now when you are inside of OBS, add the game capture, select either “Capture any fullscreen application” or find the specific window of CSGO under “Capture specific window, and the gameplay should be visible for you in OBS, which means its visible to the world when you start streaming!

Two other nice-to-have commands for your launch options are the -novid command, which removes the video that plays when you launch CSGO, and the -tickrate 128 command, which sets your private servers to 128 tickrate (the same tick rate as played on 3rd party platforms and at the biggest tournaments).

PC Optimization

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A few small fixes should help your PC run smoother whilst also increasing its performance and your eligibility to stream CSGO. Remember, these are SMALL changes. Miracles cannot happen on outdated hardware, but we can polish it to produce its best effort.

Firstly, we need to disable all your background applications. This is done by:
Searching for Background Apps -> Turn Off

Secondly, we need to put your battery to maximum performance, this is done by:
Searching for Control Panel -> See Large Icons (In the “View by:” section top right) -> Choose Power Options -> Choose High Performance

Thirdly, let’s run a CCleaner scan on your PC. This will help remove redundant junk files from Windows. Within the program there is also a “PC Health Check,” which you can consider.

Lastly, you can delete all your temporary files. If you are in need of more space on your hard disk, this is done by:
Press Windows-key + R -> Write temp -> Delete all the files (skip the ones it won’t let you delete)
Press Windows-key + R -> Write %temp% -> Delete all the files (skip the ones it won’t let you delete)

Happy streaming!

Heine Winthereig has been actively involved in esports for well over a decade, primarily as a Counter-Strike player and coach. He lends his expertise on Counter-Strike to as a CS writer. He has an additional background in information technologies management and has some strong opinions on streaming.