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A sad day for VALORANT

OpTic VALORANT breaks apart following VCT anouncement

It may not come as a surprise considering the organization failed to secure a spot in VCT, but OpTic’s VALORANT team is no more.

Crashies and Victor were already out of contract as their contracts expired during VALORANT Champions 2022. Following the announcement of the VCT 2022 teams, however, renegotiation was definitely not on the cards. This has been followed up by IGL FNS, star player Yay, and Controller Marved all being told to explore options as restricted free agents. Coach Chet will also be allowed to do the same.

It’s a sad day for VALORANT esports to see the end of this roster so soon. They were without a doubt the best VALORANT team in 2022.

OpTic’s year in VALORANT began with a win at Masters Reykjavik, which they then followed up with a third-place finish at Masters Copenhagen. They rounded out the year by finishing runners-up to LOUD at VALORANT Champions 2022.

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Where will OpTic’s VALORANT players go?

The team had previously been rumored to be joining TSM. This will no longer be on the cards as the organization also failed to earn a position in VCT 2023. Both of these organizations missing out is seen as a huge surprise. They are two of the biggest in the North American region.

It’s unclear as to where the players will now go, although there is certain to be a scramble for each of their signatures. FNS is the best IGL in the NA region while Marved is arguably the best controller in the world. As for yay, he’s by far the best player in the world. That’s not without mentioning the exploits of Victor and crashies either; both excel in their respective roles and will instantly make any team better.

Chet is also one of the best coaches in the world. A master in anti-stratting, he brings a huge wealth of experience with him from CSGO. So far he has coached OpTic to impressively high levels in VALORANT.

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