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OGA Dota PIT Invitationals S5: Team Spirit send Fnatic crashing out of the tournament

Not the most brilliant start to the series, Fnatic vs Spirit, started off on a sombre note with both sides opting for a late game line-up with the former leaning towards it the most. While Spirit opted for a quick burst-scale draft, Fnatic opted for a more conventional draft with Medusa as their core.

Spirit were on the front foot from the get-go, playing methodical and exposing Fnatic’s weakness of having a heavy farm oriented line-up void of notable gankers that could create any space.

Fnatic’s worst fears came true when Spirit caught Raven’s Medusa off-guard near the Dire Ancient Camp at 31 minutes, that burst the doors open for the CIS squad to march down to the enemy base and get two lanes of raxes and thus build considerable advantage.

As they say It’s never too late.. but in this case it was for Fnatic, even though they found a glimmer of hope at 38 minutes with an unexpected Aegis expiry on Spirit’s Gyrocopter in the middle of a fight and finding a couple of kills.

Image: Valve

While the draft for game two was unique and different on both sides, the tempo still remained the same; slow and cautious.

Team Spirit did a fantastic job ramping up the pressure from early game and constantly shutting down Storm Spirit, that also proved to be detrimental for Fnatic as they lost their initiator quite often.

However, near the 22 minutes mark, Fnatic squeezed past through tier 2 towers and killed four of Team Spirit’s heroes, and thus getting ahead for the first time throughout the entirety of the game.

Things seemed to be picking up for Fnatic as they slowly cruised towards victory but one crucial pick-off on Raven near the 34 minutes mark, without any buyback, catapulted Spirit’s way for an incredible comeback as they rushed mid and ended the game within two minutes while the death timer for Raven was still ticking.

Thus ends Fnatic’s journey at OGA Dota PIT Invitational S5 as they throw their way towards the exit. 

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