Credit: OG Esports

OG breaks ‘panicky’ Tundra’s unbeaten streak

OG Esports decimated Tundra Esports in the DPC WEU 2022 Division I Tour 2 league series.

With a clean 2:0 sweep, OG bested Tundra and broke the latter's unbeaten record thus far in the West European league.

It was a moment; of excellence for OG and of misery for Tundra, as the former fully capitalised the latter's lousy play and punished them heavily.

There was a situation where Tundra's questionable buybacks and sudden diebacks were surprising to witness.

Panic seeped it and as a consequence Tundra's spirits waned off into the abyss as they subsequently lost the series.

OG as a collective unit performed admirably to cause an upset while Tundra looked shabby.