Zayt retires from from pro fortnite

NRG pro Zayt retires from Fortnite

NRG Fortnite pro, Williams ‘Zayt’ Aubin has announced his retirement from Fortnite for the second time.


Anyone who has followed the professional Fortnite scene for a while knows who Zayt is. The leader of the pro scrims has been in the professional Fortnite scene since the early days, and has always been among the best players in the world.


It looks like the longtime NRG star, who has over $1.2 million in earnings over the course of his career, is hanging up his pickaxe once and for all. Zayt announced his retirement on-stream and on Twitter on April 17.


The news of Zayt's retirement comes only three months after a previous retirement and return to the game. Zayt retired from Fortnite, then announced his return to the game only three weeks later. It looks like this announcement might be the final one.


So, what's next for one of the most decorated pros in Fortnite? Zayt has pledged to host watch parties for Fortnite tournaments, giving his viewers a unique perspective on the competition. Apart from that, he said that he'll be grinding his way to radiant in Valorant.


It will be interesting to see if Zayt decides to take competitive Valorant seriously and try to go pro. The pro Valorant scene is considerably older than that of Fortnite, which would make the 21-year-old Zayt one of the younger would-be pros. In Fortnite, he's among the oldest. Whatever's next for Zayt, we'll be watching. Best of luck to one of the true ambassadors of competitive Fortnite.


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