Nobody that G2 could sign this summer will make them better than MAD Lions

We’ve heard it all before. A new era of LEC, the new kings, whatever it is you want to call it. MAD Lions are far and away the best team in the LEC, no matter what you thought when G2 signed Rekkles.

So why would anyone think that a few roster moves will make them better than MAD right now?

A small caveat

Of course, if G2 managed to somehow sign MAD’s botlane and jungler, then sure, maybe they could; but that’s not going to happen, and gone are the days where G2 could pull players off other contenders just by being the best in the league. Largely because they aren’t the best in Europe any more.

MAD Lions are probably a top 5 team in the world right now, and so to be better than them, G2 would have to sign a player or three to take them to the upper echelons in which they used to reside.

But who, that is available this summer, would possibly fit that bill?

Hey, I found an ADC they could pick up!

Wunder is almost certainly out, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Mikyx leave too. BrokenBlade has been a rumour banded about, which, while an upgrade, doesn’t exactly seem to put them above MAD Lions. MAD already have the best support player in the league, so somehow digging out a better player than Kaiser isn’t happening.

G2 would need to find a top laner that’s significantly better than Armut to the point they could play through them to be better than MAD Lions, or a support who is as good as Mikyx that actually synergises with Rekkles. Or indeed, vice versa; but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation.

Caps is the best mid laner EU has ever seen, but he’s no longer so far ahead of anyone else that he is enough to drag you to an LEC title. Humanoid probably had a better year, and can easily neutralise Caps in a straight 1v1, so it becomes a test of the side lanes.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned Jankos; getting rid of Jankos would quite obviously be a mistake. He was a top three jungler in the league with a top laner who barely plays the game, an inting Caps and an out-of-sync bot lane. If you can’t get Elyoya (and you can’t) or Inspired (unlikely), don’t get rid of Jankos.

“Any GMs awake it seems I’m stuck in jail and I cant get out?”

Wunder, on Twitter. Obviously.

Don’t be fooled by the big names. G2 are just not as good as MAD Lions all over the Rift, and missed their chance to steal their players a year or two ago. If you wanted to move with the times, you had to move in time.

The only way for G2 to become the best in EU is to find one or two elite rookies; the available players who you’ve heard of aren’t better than MAD or Rogue’s counterparts. 

Well, maybe Caps could go top, and you could get Bjergsen, and then… never mind.

G2 are left scrambling with MAD Lions chilling at the top. Good luck finding the next Elyoya, Carzzy and Kaiser!

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