No, Vitality shouldn’t stick with this roster

Just because the sex was good, doesn’t mean you should stay together.

That’s a rule in life, but especially in business. Just because the ending is happy doesn’t mean the journey was, and it’s important for Vitality to remember exactly why they’re making changes in the first place.

Those of you who think they shouldn’t make changes; do you really think Kyojin is good enough to be on one of the best teams in the world? That a 45 year old shox is going to topple s1mple? That we should never ever make changes in case things get worse?

Just because the sex was good, doesn’t mean you should stay together.

Fear of change is fear of failure

Sorry, but sometimes change is for the best; and just because Vitality are playing fantastically with a dead roster doesn’t necessarily mean that a. they will continue to play like this, and b. that they will continue to get better and eventually be better than NaVi.

Not to mention that the three players who are playing particularly well right now are the three that they are keeping.

misutaaa has blossomed into a fine player; though he still has some consistency issues, his peak is phenomenal and he’s finding that peak more often, apEX is becoming a fine leader both in terms of calling and finding his feet as a fragger at the same time, and ZywOo is… ZywOo.

Are we really going to throw away the chance to sign dupreeh and Magisk just to keep shox and Kyojin, the two trailing anchors on the getaway vehicle?

“Twitter idiots think Kyojin is better than me?” – via not HLTV

I get it, especially from the French guys who don’t want to see this team go international. But change is normal, natural, and shouldn’t be avoided. This team has run its course, and was not enough to topple NaVi; was worse over the course of a year than Heroic or Gambit; and probably needs to reinvent itself if it wants success.

You cannot be scared of change or else you will be frozen in a moment, slowly fading into irrelevancy desperately clinging on to the memories and believing you can get back to where you were. 

Just like MIBR. 

Never go full MIBR.

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