Credit: Kai Cenat

Never stop growing

No end in sight: Kai Cenat breaks 100k subscriber mark on Twitch

Only days after hitting the 90,000 subscriber mark on Twitch, Kai Cenat is now over the 100,000 subscriber threshold and is closing in on the most-subscribed streamer on the platform.

Cenat is already the most-subscribed English streamer on Twitch, passing xQc about a week ago. The number keeps going up, though, and he’s now 30,000 away from passing Brazilian streamer, Casimito.

The new landmark was reached on Friday night, and Cenat had a party to celebrate – bringing some of his friends to his house to watch the number grow with him.

Kai Cenat seems destined to become the most-subscribed streamer on Twitch and seems to care about reaching that mark.

We’ll see how long it takes him. Considering he was under 80,000 subs about a week ago, it shouldn’t be too long.

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