No-Build Mode is for shitters – and I love it

Epic's decision to remove building from normal Fortnite modes looked like it would be controversial. With so many players spending hours in Creative Mode and honing their skills, you'd think there would be more pushback on this one.

As it turns out, nobody really likes building in Fortnite. I mean, I like building, but the game is, arguably, more fun without it.

Content creators always come back to Fortnite after major updates, but this one feels different.

The returning players are no longer bots. I'm getting texts from friends who haven't touched Fortnite in years, telling me they want to try this no-build style of gameplay.

I'm actually surprised at how much this works. Epic seems to have designed some of these new mechanics to work better without building - specifically the vaulting mechanic.

Epic Games

There's no arguing that removing building caters to dogshit players, which is okay! 

All of the OG players - myself included - fell in love with Fortnite before anyone built anything other than a wall to stop them from getting shot.

Now, with all of the new elements to the game, I'd say that Fortnite doesn't need building in casual modes.

I never thought I'd have this take, but I'm on board with keeping a no-build mode permanently.

I'd rather play with my friends in a game that I love than spend another 100 hours practicing triple edits in Creative.