Nisqy is the final piece for MAD Lions to win the LEC

Time for the old new kings to become the new new kings.

Or something.

G2 had their mini-resurgence - very cute - as they powered up at the end of the Spring Split, but we watched them fall apart at times at MSI and not look that great during regular season, while fnatic completely annihilated themselves from the inside.

Nice roster changes, by the way.

Nisqy > Humanoid???

fnatic 'upgraded' from Nisqy to Humanoid and found their overall placing barely change. While Humanoid might be in theory a better player, and he is, Mid is a role that demands flexibility, timing and teamplay. Humanoid has them, but Nisqy embodies them.

MAD's biggest problem was their midlaner was non-existent last split. He was totally invisible. Nisqy, for his faults (his control mages are mediocre, for example), will always impact the game. He'll help his jungler out, he'll be the first rotation to a fight and he'll be diving top at 10 minutes.

While it seemed like there were bigger problems for this team, most of that stemmed from a disconnect in the mid lane. When the tectonic plates of the jungle and mid don't tessellate, the tremors are felt all over the map.

And we know that Elyoya wasn't the problem there.

The best jungler in Europe.

Elyoya is probably the best jungler in the league. He might be the best player in the league, at his peak. Jankos is the only player who comes close to the first - and you can argue among yourselves on that one - while caPs is the contender outside of jungle.

The Spaniard dominated the league in his rookie year and, with Kaiser, created a duo feared by every single solo laner in the league. These two would destroy you in 3v1s.

At that point, Elyoya was the best player in the league; and now he has a midlaner who will help boost that. 

Elyoya can go back to playing carry junglers and we can see him take over games again against some of the best teams in the league, safe in the knowledge that his midlaner isn't going to soil the sheets and will be available to help him if he gets collapsed on.

Similarly, if Elyoya and Kaiser decide that the enemy Orianna needs to die, Nisqy is as reliable a gank set-upper as you can hope for. 

"Starting scrims soon :3 @Elyoya_LoL u better give me blues or else"


It's obviously not the case that Nisqy is going to body the enemy mid every game like Humanoid was doing when he was #1. But he is going to make Elyoya get back to that #1 status, and as we all know, the better jungler always wins.

The only worry for this team is UNF0RGIVEN. Yes, he was excellent last year, and yes, there's nothing to suggest he won't be fine; but it is only his sophomore year and we haven't seen him in huge playoff games. We know Armut and Elyoya level up on stage. We don't know if UNF0RGIVEN does.

He might struggle in a new meta - he might struggle a bit more if he has to play weakside because Armut is getting resources again. Wukong is meta, after all.

But MAD Lions won it with Carzzy in the bot lane - and though I think Carzzy is actually a little unfairly derided, he's also not Uzi.

They're going to win it all again. Enjoy the ride.