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Ninjas In Pyjamas and Vitality have secured a spot in the semifinal of IEM Fall. Both teams are still in the running for a Legends spot at the upcoming Major.

NIP faced a tough challenge in Movistar Riders, as the Spaniards managed to push them to their limits on the first two maps. The Ninjas relied on their star duo of  dev1ce and rez to show up to secure their map pick.

The same players had a strong performance on the second map, but it wasn’t enough this time around. Movistar reached overtime, and thanks to a complete lockout on the CT side, won the map in 19-16 fashion.

But the Spanish team had run out of steam going into the third map of the series. Nuke was much more the one-sided affair viewers expected this matchup to be. NIP closed out the map 16-5, securing the series and a spot in the semifinal.

Vitality take CPH Flames down

The second match of the day saw another David versus Goliath situation, as Copenhagen Flames took on French powerhouse Vitality.

The first map ended in an entertaining but decisive victory for Vitality on Dust II. CPH had a solid showing but were simply out-aimed by the Frenchmen.

Going to Vertigo, both teams started to pile up mistakes. CPH played too aggressively in certain situations, while Vitality lost their cool in several rounds. This resulted in a close back-and-forth, with Vitality eventually closing out the map 16-14.

The French have secured a spot in the semifinal, and are one step closer to the coveted Legends spot they’re aiming for.

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