Credit: Ninjas in Pyjamas

This might sound like the start of a horrible joke, but Ninjas in Pyjamas are looking for a language coach to work with their latest recruit, es3tag. The Dane has struggled with communicating in Swedish in his first two events on the roster.

NIP is now looking for someone who can help get es3tag up to speed in the upcoming three months: “I’m looking for a Swedish tutor who can work very hands-on with 1-on-1 coaching in December, January, and February.  Physical location in Copenhagen or remote. Otherwise, es3tag won’t ever learn Swedish!” NIP’s COO Jonas Gundersen says in a post on social media. “It’s with a salary of course! Who knows someone? I’ll get you a nice bottle of champagne for New Year as a thank you”

If you’re fluent in both languages, have some time available in the upcoming months and want to help poor Es3tag fit in in his new team, feel free to reach out to Jonas on Twitter.

Don’t forget to give him Jaxon’s best regards 😉.