“NIP is five steps ahead” – did device just roast Astralis?

The transfer of the Danish superstar, Nicolai "device" Reedtz, from Astralis to NIP still has the CS:GO scene shaken. And in case you missed it, more fuel was added to the fire just one day after the news broke.

"Honestly, I think, from where I come, you are maybe five steps ahead."


In the official NIP BACKSTAGE vlogs on YouTube, in what seems to be an initial team meeting between the NIP members, device gives his inaugural speech - and let's just say it's a funny one:

"Obviously, one of the things I don't want to come with is the know-how of doing things better. We didn't really do things perfectly in our team. We were just lucky a lot of times with timing and how we read the meta."

Yeah, sure. Because the last time I checked, dominating the scene as the #1 team in the world for two years straight and winning several trophies, inlcuding three majors in a row, was pretty damn close to perfect. Bold words against his old team and teammates. Did anyone check to see how is gla1ve doing, by the way?

Source: @NIP on Twitter

But that's not all. Adding to the above, device claims that NIP are even doing things better than Astralis:

"I'm really impressed with the setup. Honestly, I think, at least from where I come, you are maybe five steps ahead in how you practice, prepare, working with Danny - I spoke a little bit with him as well. So, I'm just really excited to get going."

Ouch. Though, all of this may just be nice words from device for his first day on the new job. But if it isn't, and NIP really are five steps ahead of Astralis, how come they've been ten steps behind everyone else for so long?

Sure, the new NIP roster does look exciting, but only time will tell if they can live up to the hype. What do you think?

Watch the full episode of NIP BACKSTAGE below.

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