Vitality edged a classic over Gambit to set up a semi-final showdown with on Saturday.

The Frenchmen battered Gambit on Dust 2 16-5 as misutaaa and shox combined to find opportunity after opportunity on the T side and lock down the CT side. Vitality were so dominant, that one of the five rounds Gambit one was a delicious 1v4 from interz.

As they so often do, however, Gambit turned it around to strike back on their own pick. interz – fresh from his 1v4 exploits on map one – flew out of the blocks and took picked Vitality apart.

ZywOo, meanwhile, collected 100 ADR in a 16-9 loss. No biggie.

He then powered Vitality to an overtime win on the decider, as his 36 kills – including multiple opening kills in overtime – swung the game marginally in Vitality’s favour. In the same series, we see why Vitality maybe shouldn’t make too many sweeping changes, and exactly why they should.

NiP slip past GODSENT

GODSENT’s dream run came to shuddering halt as NiP confirmed their spot in the top four.

Things looked dark for the Brazilians after losing Nuke – their own map pick – with es3tag’s constant aggression finding too much space over and over again. Hampus led the line on the T side on every map, clearly taking the comments about NiP’s T sides personally.

But on NiP’s map pick, things looked brighter, with GODSENT collecting 12 rounds on the CT side and converting midway through the second half. es3tag might have been a key part of Nuke, but he was completely absent on Overpass.

Alas, it fell on the shoulders of the million dollar man; and device stood tall on Ancient, picking up over a kill per round and 100+ ADR to ensure that NiP were not losing this series. 

A sad end for GODSENT, but not a wholly unsurprising one.