Credit: Ninjas In Pyjamas

Ninjas In Pyjamas try to keep the PGL major in Stockholm

With Stockholm hosting the PGL major seeming less likely than ever before, Ninjas In Pyjamas have called out the Swedish government in an attempt to change their minds.

The problem with hosting the major in Stockholm is related to visa issues. In Sweden, esports is not considered part of the Sports Federation. This means that the CS:GO players traveling to play in the major, would face much more trouble securing visas thanks to the COVID travel restrictions.

With The International 10 being moved away from Stockholm due to this exact reason, it seems very likely Valve will do the same with the PGL major if the problem is not resolved in the upcoming days.

And that’s where the Ninjas stepped in.

The CEO of NIP, Hicham Chahine, even invited the Prime Minister out for lunch and a gaming session.

The ultimate opportunists

But, one country’s loss could be another country’s gain. Former CS:GO pro, streamer and analyst was quick to point out that his home country os Denmark could take over the organization of the event.

Would a major in the BLAST Royal Arena be a good idea?

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