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Skin overflow

Nine new Spirit Blossom skins revealed, including Aphelios and Sett

Get ready for a skin overload as Riot Games has revealed nine new Spirit Blossom skins that will release alongside the upcoming 2022 World Championship in-game event.

The Spirit Blossom line turned extremely popular during its introduction back in 2020. The initial introduction to Spirit Blossom was through an enormous event, which included ten cosmetics presented in a Japanese-esque flower theme. 

The same goes for the nine new skins in the line, including Aphelios, Darius, Evelynn, Sett, Soraka, Syndra, Tristana, Yorick, and Master Yi, who will also receive a Prestige Edition. With this many new skins dropping at once, Spirit Blossom is quickly becoming one of the most extensive skin lines in the game.  


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Check out all the new (2022) Spirit Blossom skins for LoL

Like the current Spirit Blossom skins, the new ones will focus on a flowery theme with light pink and dark purple colors. 

Some skins have a dark purple theme to them, such as Master Yi, Darius, and Soraka. Meanwhile, Syndra, Evelynn, and Aphelios will have a light theme where pink colors also occur. It’s similar to the current skins, where Yasuo and Yone rock the light colors while Cassiopeia and Riven are darker. 

Spirit Blossom Aphelios

Even Alune received the Spirit Blossom treatment in this new Aphelios splash art.
Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Darius

Oni Darius? That's one hell of a look in the Spirit Blossom skin line
Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Evelynn

Is Evelynn holding Kindred's mask in the Spirit Blossom universe?
Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Sett

Unlike the previous event, Sett is set to be the protagonist of the Spirit Blossom journey.
Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Soraka

A desolate-looking Soraka is the last thing we could have expected, but Spirit Blossom delivers.
Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Syndra

Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Tristana

Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Yorick

Photo via: Riot Games

Spirit Blossom Master Yi & Prestige Edition

Photo via: Riot Games
Photo via: Riot Games

The skin line expands, but will there be an event?

Riot Games has brought new characters to its Spirit Blossom universe, which was highly successful at launch for its in-game event. Back then, players received champion-specific loot (icons, emotes, and skin goodies) as they performed specific tasks in-game to develop “spirit bonds.”

In 2020, players interacted with the following champions (who received a Spirit Blossom skin back then):

  • Yasuo
  • Lillia
  • Vayne
  • Teemo
  • Thresh
  • Ahri
  • Yone
  • Cassiopeia
  • Riven
  • Kindred

The new skins will be available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) before hitting the live servers in the upcoming patch or patches. Expect the first skins to roll out on October 5 with Patch 12.19.