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Niemann chess cheat: Strikes back at Hikaru in Carlsen case

Did Hans Niemann Cheat against Magnus Carlsen?

Chess GM Hans Niemann has responded after allegations thrown at him by various chess influencers following a match between Hans Niemann and Magnus Carlsen.

Hans Niemann was accused of cheating against Magnus Carlsen in a match in the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. Niemann’s cheat allegations were made by famous chess streamer Hikaru Namamura.

Hans Niemann, the 19-year-old talent, now retorts in an interview with Saint Louis Chess Club. Niemann says that Hikaru does not have any proof, and that he did not cheat. banned Niemann after cheat case

Others have been even quicker to judge Niemann. He has revealed that banned his account following his game with Magnus Carlsen.

Also, has uninvited him from the Global Chess Championship starting later this year.

During the interview, he clarified his experience with cheating in the past. Hans Niemann was apparently 16-17 years old when he succumbed to cheating, stating, “It is the single biggest mistake of his life.”

The Grand Master claims he has never cheated in a ranked game of chess, as he has learned from past mistakes.

Hikaru Nakamura not backing down

Meanwhile, it seems like Hikaru Nakamura is not backing down.

After his accusations to thousands of chess fans, Hikaru Nakamura is still not in doubt. 

He is also upset that he will be blamed for the whole situation.

Nonetheless, Hans Niemann has not lost his boyish charm.

While he does seem agitated about the whole situation, he still has a humourous take at the end of the day.

This story is still developing and Jaxon will keep you up to date as the Niemann Carlsen scandal unfolds.