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Bendtner's new CSGO team

Nicklas Bendtner enters esports: This is his new CSGO team

  • Nicklas Bendtner, former professional footballer, founds an esports org
  • His first project is a CSGO team of young Danish talents
  • The players come from teams from the Dust2 POWER League

Nicklas Bendtner, the former Arsenal, Juventus, and Birmingham FC player, will announce his newly-founded esports organization called Prosapia Esport later today.

Bendtner’s first play is a CSGO team that consists of young Danish talents.

“When the Coronavirus struck I started playing CSGO. It gave me a sense of connection to the outside world. My knowledge and interest grew, and I learned about the esports industry and its impact on young people working hard to make it to the top,” Nicklas Bendtner says in a statement.

“That is why I founded Prosapia Esport, so my staff and I can aid young and promising talents to reach their goals,” he says.

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Nicklas Bendtner, a former Arsenal, Juventus pro, is entering esports with a CSGO team. Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Nicklas Bendtner’s CSGO team

Jaxon reported earlier that Nicklas Bendtner was soon entering esports, as his esports company was recorded in the Danish Central Business Register (CVR).

Now Bendtner reveals his CSGO team, which consists of talents averaging 17,6 years. Bendtner’s CSGO talents have signed part-time contracts, as they are all attending school.

The CS:GO team will consist of:

  • Rasmus “Equip” Christensen (IGL)
  • Rasmus “Scr0b” Poulsen (AWP)
  • William “sirah” Kjærsgaard (Rifler)
  • Jonas “Boye” Østergaard (Rifler)
  • Alexander “tOPZ” Miklagaard (Riffler)
  • Nikolaj “Decode” Petersen (Coach)

Bendtner snatches CSGO talents from AGF

Equip, Scr0b, and Boye played together in Jyderup Esport in the summer of 2021. Equip later signed for Atlantic and AGF Esport in the national Danish League Dust2 POWER League.

Boye and Scr0b represented Fjerritslev Gymnasium in the same league the previous season.

tOPZ recently ended his stint with Kinetic, the same core that played together for 1,5 years and showed great promise.

Lastly, sirah, is a 15-year-old young talent who is one of the hot talents of Danish CSGO.

Nicklas “B3ND7NER” Bendtner is the CEO

Bendtner’s esports organisation Prosapia Esport has employed Michael “Django” Rüsz as Chief Gaming Officer. Django comes from positions in AGF Esports and Head of Esports in Masonic.

The full staff list counts:

  • Nicklas “B3ND7NER” Bendtner – Chief Executive Officer
  • Michael “Django” Rüsz – Chief Gaming Officer
  • Rune “Breezer” Elbæk Mechlenburg – Operations Manager
  • Emilie “Gefnow” Dalskov – SoMe Manager
  • Nikolaj “Decode” Ditlev Petersen – CS:GO Coach
  • Mikkel “Birchgo” Birch – Graphic Designer

Bendtner’s CSGO team will compete in SCL League Master, Dust2 POWER League, and ESEA Open.

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