CS:GO skins don’t mean anything.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

It’s true, but it doesn’t stop people wasting money on some aesthetically pleasing pixels for their gun, and honestly? It’s worth it – looking cool is more important than anything. Just look at me.


What’s your point, Jaxon?

Alright, chill out mate. I’m getting to it.

Whoever came up with NFTs was on something wild, man. It’s like CS:GO skins, except if instead of looking cool while decapitating CTs, you could look at a JPEG of something you spent money for and get off to it.

Or something like that, anyway.

I’m sure there’s some angle I’m not considering, like a Gold Nova on a retake, but they are essentially skins for normies. The same people who decried skins as something terrible, encouraging gambling for children, a waste of money – they’re on board for NFTs.

How, exactly, are NFTs good but skins bad? Hell, the best usage of NFTs so far appears to be transferring crypto, which isn’t exactly dissimilar to Steam wallet money transferring.

That might be a strawman. But goddamn, this strawman is taking a beating.

“They’re Balenciagas for terminally online teens, CSGO skins for normies, Supreme for nerds.”

Me lmao

Hey look, if you’re the type of person who loves to buy Yeezys so you can sell it for a profit to some sort of desperate Kanye stan, all the more power to you. Doing that with digital tokens is only going to streamline the parting of fool and money. You go girl.

But let’s not pretend that NFTs are anything more than that. They’re Balenciagas for terminally online teens, CSGO skins for normies, Supreme for nerds. 

Most importantly, they’re a waste of time. 

So, uh, anyway, who wants to buy an NFT of a picture of me with my helmet off? That’ll be 1.4 Bitcoins, please.