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New Zealand’s gaming industry is looking like a rising star globally

Beyond its beautiful natural landscapes and deep cultural heritage, New Zealand is emerging as a potential powerhouse in the global video game industry. With a thriving ecosystem of creative studios, a supportive government, and a growing pool of skilled talent, the country is poised to make its mark on the world stage.

In recent years, New Zealand’s games industry has experienced real growth, driven by such factors as increasing digital adoption, a surge in mobile gaming, and an increasing global demand for high-quality entertainment experiences. The local industry now generates over $400 million in annual revenue, surpassing the value of the country’s famous wool exports.

This success is fueled by a diverse range of studios, from established players including Weta Digital and RocketWerkz, to smaller indie developers such as Mighty Polygon and Samurai Games. These studios are producing innovative and engaging games across a variety of genres, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide.

Government support and industry initiatives

The New Zealand government has recognized the potential of the game industry and has implemented various initiatives to support its growth. In 2022, it introduced a tax rebate of up to 40% for game development costs, making New Zealand an attractive destination for game development studios.

Additionally, the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA) plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, providing training and resources, and promoting the industry on the international stage. The NZGDA’s efforts have helped to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures talent and encourages innovation.

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Hoping to reach $1 billion in annual revenues by 2026, the government has also unveiled a fresh initiative in its 2023 budget – a 20% tax rebate aimed at supporting game development studios. According to minister for digital economy and communications Ginny Anderson, this rebate will be accessible to studios meeting the specified minimum expenditure threshold of NZ$250,000 ($150,000 USD) annually.

Beyond gaming, other industries are driving New Zealand’s economy

While the game industry is gaining prominence, the country is also investing in other sectors that are shaping its economic future. New Zealand is home to a thriving tech sector, with companies like Auckland-based Vend and Wellington-based Xero leading the way in software development and financial technology. The government has several programs and initiatives in place to help businesses innovate and grow, including The Innovation Fund and Callaghan Innovation.

The online casino industry is another rapidly growing sector, with New Zealanders estimated to spend over $2 billion on online gambling each year. This link explains which are the best online casinos in New Zealand, providing interested players with up-to-date information on the latest bonuses and promotions offered by different platforms. It also features user reviews and ratings, insights that offer a valuable perspective for potential users. All of which gives insight into just how it is that the region’s online gambling market has become so successful.

All of this is to say that New Zealand’s game industry is just one example of the country’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach to economic development. By investing in innovative industries, nurturing talent, and fostering collaboration, New Zealand is positioning itself as a potential leader in the digital age. As the world embraces new technologies and creative expressions, New Zealand is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future.

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