Credit: Infinity Ward

Who else but 141?

New Modern Warfare 2 trailer: what to expect from the campaign

Today, we got another Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay trailer. And yet again, we can proudly say Call of Duty does not disappoint. The new trailer smashes it out of the park and successfully blew up more hype among Modern Warfare fans.

Within the trailer, we saw brand new content and information regarding the Modern Warfare campaign – showcasing part of the campaign’s narrative, characters, and gameplay.

We can also convert this to multiplayer, as we will use the same guns, movement, and general carry-overs from the campaign to multiplayer. So, let’s discuss what’s new and what did we really learn from the trailer?

Campaign information

The campaign looks incredible, and absolutely nothing will stop the Modern Warefare II campaign from being one of the best. Infinity Ward has done such a good job painting a picture of what the game is about without ruining too much for us.

The campaign seems to offer a diverse set of locations. We have seen America, Mexico, Iraq, various oceans, and deserts. Infinity Ward shows us Mexican special forces forming a brotherhood with the infamous Taskforce 141.

If you don’t already know, Taskforce 141 is a unit within Modern Warfare’s British special forces (SAS), meaning this game will be based on American, British, Mexican, and Middle Eastern relations – which isn’t too different from the previous Modern Warfare.

From the trailer, we hear talks about terrorism, corruption, and the war on drugs, which supports why we see America, Mexico, and the Middle East. It’s safe to say somehow, all these elements will nicely intertwine with each other, with Captain Pice once again saving the day.

Modern warfare 2 trailer

Additional Modern Warfare Campaign News

We can see a lot of vehicle usage from the trailer, such as motorbikes, helicopters, and trucks, which we are using in the campaign. Still, this will be adapted into multiplayer and warzone gameplay, as we have seen in other teased gameplay.

All vehicles seem very similar to the previous Modern Warfare, with little innovation. Little innovation with the vehicles is okay; as they say, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But let’s hope they don’t take that mindset with all features.

The gameplay trailer shows have shown us the great locations, but they have also displayed fantastic gameplay elements we will be able to experience, such as abseiling, diving, vehicle pursuit combat, and slower sniping missions.

All of these new features bring us back to the good ol’ days of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, which we excellent games that will forever be remembered and cherished by the Call of Duty community.