Credit: Kimmikka/Twitch

Oh dear lord

New Kimmikka sex video scandal goes viral: Here’s the video

A few weeks ago, Twitch streamer Kimmikka’s sex video went viral, which netted her a seven days ban from Twitch for violating the rules.

Kimmikka got unbanned after seven days for sharing “too much information,” albeit visually, about her private with fans on Twitch — the popular streaming platform.

The video went viral and netted above 12 million views on social media. You can see the original video below.

The first Kimmikka sex video that emerged a few weeks ago.

Kimmikka’s new sex video

However, that’s not the end of it.

New sex videos of Kimmikka have surfacedm showing the director’s cut. In them, a lot more details are visible to the naked eyes (no pun intended).

In the new sex video, Kimmikka enjoys the “dirty dancing” while her man is doing the dirty from behind.

The Pringles chips and Dior socks in the background reveal that it might have been from the same instance as the first video of Kimmikka, that got her banned for seven days on Twitch.

Cut and censored version of the new Kimmikka video

The situation raised a huge furore in the eyes of the public and people are speculating, if Kimmikka will get banned from Twitch this time around.

Few Tweeps trolled, others criticized and the rest went full-on berserk trying to question the advent of online entertainment.

Nonetheless, it was an uneventful experience for everyone involved, or not, but the publicity the sex video garnered reached a plateau that put her in the limelight.

When did the new Kimmikka sex video appear?

Kimmikka sex video

The new sex videos appeared when Pokimane and other streamers raised a virtual boycott to ban gambling on Twitch.

Seeing the public backlash and voices being raised, Twitch had no option but to “amend” its rules and ban illegal or unlicensed gambling.

Editor’s note: No wonder why condom companies are making an appearance through the way of sponsorships in the virtual world. There’s a lot of potential for them to penetrate the scene.