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Christmas comes early!

New game modes coming soon to Modern Warfare II

Speculation is rife that there will be new game modes coming soon to Modern Warfare II, thanks to several Call of Duty leakers on Twitter.

Only a week into the game’s release, there are already theories of new content. Developers at Modern Warfare are going crazy with new features, considering we already have Warzone 2.0 to look forward to on November 16, 2022.

Although Modern Warfare II is the most successful Call of Duty at launch, there isn’t an abundance of game modes for players to choose from. But, that is soon to change with the new content that will hopefully release within the next couple of weeks.


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New fan favourite game modes in Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare II is set to deliver a bundle of fan favourite game modes for players to experience on a brand new Call of duty title, including Infected, Gunfight, and Dropzone.

Any Call of Duty is incomplete without the ability to battle the masses in a match of Infected, hence why the developers feel the desire to add the mode into Modern Warfare so quickly into the release cycle.

Absolutely no one will complain about the implementation of these game modes. The additions are harmless, and nothing changes except having to update the game another couple hundred megabytes (instead of the usual gigabytes). Finally an update with little risk of community backlash!

The only risk: is if the developers seriously change how these game modes used to function, as the majority of the Modern Warfare players want an almost direct replication of the previous Modern Warfare titles.

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Early drops to keep the community happy

CoD: Modern Warfare II leakers are filling Twitter’s ranks, and they are giving the player base exciting news, such as the new upcoming game modes.

Call of Duty is now on a two-year cycle, and players are constantly going to have to feel engaged and supported by the developers. To that effect, the devs will add frequent updates and new content—and if the reactions to the leaks are anything to go by, the community will love it.

What could happen from here? These game modes could have been purposely held back by a few weeks to receive this kind of reaction from the community.