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New event, new weapon & more: biggest leaks in v17.20 patch

The Fortnite v17.20 update is here, bringing Preferred Item Slots and Bugha’s Late-Game LTM to matchmaking.

The most interesting news coming out of the patch, however, is contained in the leaks.

According to reputable data miners, we should be seeing a Gravity Gun, season-ending event, the return of Slipstreams, and a lot more.

Let’s take a look at everything we learned from the leaks in v17.20.

Epic Games

Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun is a weapon that players expected to see as soon as Season 7 released, as it was a part of the original trailer.

We didn’t get the gun in this update, but we did see some leaked assets relating to it.

With so much information in the game files, it’s not unfair to assume we’ll be getting it next week – similar to how Epic released the Inflate-A-Bull.


One of the more tentitive leaks revolves around Slipstreams – an environmental mobility mechanic from way back in Chapter 1 Season 9.

According to Hypex, Slipstreams were updated in the v17.20 patch, suggesting they’ll come back to the game at some point. 

While we don’t doubt that Slipstreams will return in the future, the update doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see them anytime soon.

It’s not uncommon for Epic to update something, only to hold off on reintroducing that item for a full season or two.

Event Countdown

We haven’t had a good season-ending event in a while, but it looks like that’s finally going to change.

Data miners found an event countdown in the v17.20 game files, which can only mean one thing: full-scale alien invasion.

According to other Season 7 leaks, we may even see Kevin make a return in the season-ending event, which would be massive for any longtime Fortnite player.

Free Pride Skins

It looks like Epic are celebrating Pride Month a bit late this year, with a reported collection hitting the Item Shop for free.

We should see the Fortnite Pride cosmetics soon. These will include an emote, weapon wrap, and several sprays.

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