Parasites have ranged from annoying to game-breaking since the season started.

They began taking over all of the wildlife on the map, and their damage and debuff lost the game for countless players.

Eventually, Epic buffed/nerfed Parasites, making them fly slower and deal less damage to players.


Suddenly, Parasites became a whole lot more useful to players.

The didn’t deal so much damage, so their ability to tank a headshot and movement buff became a lot more attractive.

As you can probably guess, this led to a lot more players using the Parasites – especially in competitive modes.

After a while, players began to notice some bugs with the Parasites. The amount of damage they can take from a shotgun headshot varies, meaning you could avoid two 200-Pumps in a row if you’re lucky.

Sometimes, the Parasites even take 0 damage, as the headshot goes right through the parasite and hits the player.

This inconsistency is an obvious bug, but provides far more benefits than downsides.

Sure, you might get the rare case where the Parasite takes no damage, but you’re more likely to have it take two shots to kill the intruder.

Epic will undoubtedly disable Parasites or fix this issue, so abuse it while you can. Parasites are OP right now.

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