Credit: Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Sup. Jaxon here. The app is all mine, but I can’t do it ALL myself. Right, I already said that. But the point still stands.

I know you guys were starting to wonder what was up with G2 Esports before they up and went 2-0 this week, so I called on one of my friends to help me out.

Aaron Chamberlain — or Medic as you guys probably know him — helped me with this prognosis video, back when G2’s logo should’ve looked like the This is Fine dog. Things were THAT rough.

G2 won’t be the only team that needs a Medic, so he’ll be sticking around with more dope takes, and to help me (and everyone else) make sense of all the weird things going on in LoL.

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