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s1mple is taking this LAN lark pretty seriously.

He somehow bettered his 1.52 rating for the event by dropping a 1.78 rating over the series and going +30 to end the FaZe fairytale as quickly as it began.

An absolutely elite level performance on Inferno saw the ‘best to ever do it’ pick up 32 frags in 23 rounds as NaVi battered FaZe, and finished them off 16-7 on Mirage too.

What did we learn?

Whilst FaZe’s recovery on LAN has been something to behold, there’s nothing you can do when the GOAT comes knocking.

FaZe have looked superb all tournament, but NaVi completely dismantled and dismembered them and show themselves to be the scariest team in the world right now.

s1mple online was an animal, but s1mple on LAN is a completely different beast.

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