Credit: HLTV

NAVI’s charismatic in-game leader, Kirill “⁠Boombl4⁠” Mikhailov tests positive for COVID ahead of their ESL Pro League campaign.

The reigning Major Champions will have to play without their IGL at the start of the ESL Pro League Group D matches.

Daniil “⁠headtr1ck⁠” Valitov of NAVI Junior will step in and replace Boombl4 as the official substitute, and will compete in isolation after traveling to Düsseldorf at the last minute.

NAVI has had a shaky start to 2022, barely scraping through the BLAST Premier Spring group stage and ending up as semi-finalists at IEM Katowice, the latter result coming shortly after Russia announced war on Ukraine.

It’ll be interesting to see how the story unfolds from hereon with the CIS RMR starting seven days after the conclusion of ESL Pro League.

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