Credit: ESL

Natus Vincere has just secured the million-dollar Intel Grand Slam by winning the ESL Pro League. They beat French powerhouse Vitality in an absolute thriller of a finale. They are now the third team to secure the golden bars.

The series started with Na’Vi comfort pick of Dust II. The Russian side comfortably won their map pick, which set a trend for what could be called the “first chapter” of the grand final: both teams faced little issues winning their picked maps.

Na’Vi took Dust II and Nuke, Vitality Inferno and Overpass. This split left a fifth and final map to decide the series, Mirage.

Na’Vi edge out Mirage to secure IGS

Vitality and Na’Vi must have heard the ‘snoozefest’ jokes the casters made, as they turned up the heat coming into the final map. Electronic led Na”Vi to a convincing 10-5 lead at halftime, but Vitality clawed their way back into the game.

But as the game transitioned into a back-and-forth, the Frenchmen just fell short of a comeback, losing the map with a 14-16 scoreline.

With the victory, Na’Vi secured the Intel Grand Slam, netting them a neat 1 million dollars on top of the event’s prize.

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